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ZEROlife Games is a development and publishing studio working on premium quality hardcore videogames for PC and consoles. Based in London with offices in Croatia, a small country located in the Adriatic region offering experienced and cost efficient talent, ZEROlife Games developes and publishes games world-wide on all platforms.


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Filip Neduk
Hrvoje Mitić

Producer & Creative Director

Hrvoje is one of the Directors at Games Co. London, a UK consultancy supporting indie developers to successfully produce and publish their titles. He's also a Producer on several upcoming indie games like QUBE 2, Lost Words, The Peterson Case, etc. He recently launched a game promotion start-up GameBoost that offers full service promo packs to indie developers. With a background in design and online advertising he has over 12 years of professional experience working with clients like Sony, HBO, Tele2, HP, T-Mobile, etc. He is also a harcore gamer, a pretty good DJ and a beginner boat skipper.

Filip Neduk
David J Molyneux

Director & Producer

Former Control System Engineer of large industrial applications. Producer and script doctor of feature films including Lipstikka; a film that was accepted into the competition at the Berlin Film Festival. Formed and ran a Film Production Company specialising in small Corporate Films. Award winning writer of film scripts, a writer of Game Design Documents, and a conceptual creator of story ideas into film and game narrative. Successfully gained SEIS and EIS (UK Tax Relief Schemes) approval and funding for UK Game Projects.

Filip Neduk
Vladimir Bogdanić

Director & Project manager

Vladimir has worked in the creative industry for over 10 years. He holds a degree in computer science and has worked in both print and graphic design to a successful DJing career. He then worked as an A&R for two record labels as well as doing stage management for various festivals. He currently runs a successful web design and development company called Kontrast.

Filip Neduk
Filip Neduk

Game designer

Filip graduated as an architect but has primarily worked in the game industry for the last 7 years either as an artist or as a game designer. He has published a board game Goblins inc. for CGE and recently released his second board game Adrenaline to great reviews and critical acclaim. He has also worked for several Croatian game companies such as Croteam, LGM, Binx, Exordium Games and Amalgam games.

Filip Neduk
Domagoj Baronica

Lead programmer

Domagoj is a game developer who has contributed to more than 10 games released on iOS, Android, Amazon and Steam app stores. He specializes in using the Unity3D game engine and has experience with a wide range of game development challenges like implementation of a general gameplay, AI, UI, IAP, multiplayer, shaders, etc.

Filip Neduk
Marko Plačko


Marko graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and holds a masters degree in computer science. His biggest interest lies in making algorithms and artificial intelligence. He worked on various computer & web applications and as a systems technician, and has several years of experience with Unity3D.

Filip Neduk
Brajan Martinović

Game designer

Brajan graduated at Applied Arts School in Osijek and holds a degree in graphic design. He worked as a 3D artist, animator and compositing artist and has over 12 years of professional experience working on games, animated films and TV commercials. In his spare time he enjoys creating SciFi & Fantasy illustrations and short films as well as his own games.

Filip Neduk
Saša Dukić

Music & Sound Designer

A electrical engineer, sound technician & teacher, who likes to make music, create illustrations and paint. He released five solo albums (Wry Figments, Brain Dissolver, Dreamtime, Unfold one self into endlessness, Godhead), over 30 VA releases and many more EPs. Played at many of the biggest European festivals.


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